"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, I've been really busy lately. Going to the Y takes a LOT of my energy right now. Cooking healthy meals and not eating junk takes more of it. Add in cleaning the house and doing yardwork in the ungodly humidity we've been having, and you end up with one tired, worn out Jennie.

I haven't even turned my sewing machine on since Sunday >:-(

In the meantime I've been...

My Special Treat :)
Drinking iced caramel macchiatos, trying to both keep cool and get a little energy boost...

My New Toy :)
Playing with my new laptop (it just came today!)!! It's already beat me at Scrabble. Which isn't hard, but anyway...

Prep Work

Prep Work
And packing fabric for the yard sale my friends and I are holding the first weekend of August! More details about that to come shortly, but if you're in the Chicago area you might want to think about stopping by :)

I'm also cleaning and planning- friends of mine from back home in New York will be here next weekend!! I'm SO excited to see them!!

I hope to get sewing soon- I have so many projects I want to make!


  1. Where in Chicago? I'll actually be visiting my parents in Elgin the weekend of Aug 6 - 9!

  2. Wish I could stop by...nobody has garage sales with fabric around here!

  3. Oh I wish I was back home for that! If my sister didn't live so far South of Chicago now (Bourbonnais), I would totally beg her to go for me!

  4. ...we missed u on Sunday. Forget cleaning....get sewing!

  5. that caramel macchiato is making me want to go to starbucks right now!!!

  6. Looks like a lot! I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Wow. I love the idea of fabric at your garage (tag) sale. Too bad we won't be making it as far west as Chicago. We will be in the Detroit area though and that's a lot closer to Chi than Central New York is.
    I, too, suffer from Starbucks iced caramel macchiato syndrome. Unfortunately, we don't have a Starbucks close by (well, it's 2 miles away in the opposite direction that I go every morning) so I've added in Dunkin Donuts iced caramel swirl. Really? Cannot taste too much difference.
    Happy sewing!