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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Sunday Drive

Today was an amazingly beautiful day- sunny, not a cloud in the sky, not too windy and about 35 degrees. Perfect for getting out and seeing some of my favorite places in NY- waterfalls!!

Taughannock Falls
First up: Taughannock Falls in Ulysses, NY. This is one of my favorite places ever. The trail down to the falls was closed today due to ice, but that's OK- it gives me a great excuse to go back!

Taughannock Falls
Another view of Taughannock Falls.

Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, NY
Then I continued south on Rt. 96 and came to Ithaca. And Buttermilk Falls. You can actually swim at the base of these falls in the summer time! Sounds like another road trip to me!

I strayed a little far from home today...
Then I kept on driving, just enjoying the day and the scenery. I strayed a bit too far from home!

... But home has a way of finding me again!
But home has a way of finding me again. :)

Montour Falls, NY
Finally, on my way home I stopped to see one last waterfall. This is in Montour Falls, NY.

It was a wonderful day!


  1. What a beautiful day you had! Thanks for sharing photos - I have never seen any of them.