"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just Popping By…

To say hi! I’m still alive!

I started a new job a little over 3 weeks ago. The first one was temporary and didn’t really work out. This new one is *amazing*!! I have a great job, a great boss, and fantastic coworkers. I am so happy at this job! It has great hours, great pay and pretty much all the overtime I can handle. The only downside is having to be there at 8am- I am NOT a morning person at all! But I have a very easy commute, about 20 minutes, so it’s not too bad.

I am also finishing up my EMT class- just one more test (the NYS written exam) to go! It was a really great class. I made a lot of new friends and I am so happy to be getting back into EMS and helping people again. I will probably start working for a local agency on the weekends once I get my certification. The final exam is this Thursday. I’m feeling really good about it- I finished the class with a 97% average.

My EMT instructor and several of my friends have been encouraging me to apply for the paramedic program that starts in January 2012. I am thinking about it- I may take another year and start in January 2013 instead. But we’ll see :) I do definitely want to become a paramedic, I just think it might be better to work in EMS for a while, work my job for a while and take a break from going to school for a bit.

Other than that, not much is new! Just been going to work and spending time with my friends and hiking and biking and photography. I have really been getting into photography lately with the help of a good friend. He has an *awesome* camera and it’s been fun to play with it :)

Ta for now- here are some recent pics I’ve taken!







  1. I went straight from EMT to Paramedic and it's a decision I don't regret in the slightest. I knew I wanted to become a paramedic so the quickest I could get it done the happier I was. Good Luck on your test! You'll rock it!

  2. your ears are ringing! I was just thinking about you last night, wondering how things are going. I was telling Vicki that I still miss our hot tub & wine nights together! Glad to hear that you are where you want to be, physically and mentally. Happy Day! You are so smart--I'm sure you could do anything! And like I've said before: If I was in an accident I'd want someone as smart and quick-thinking as you to rescue me!!