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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, it's been a very interesing day around here!! Part of my morning was spent breaking an ice jam on the porch roof. I managed to accomplish this before the roof collapsed, so that was good. The gutters are completely frozen, and a buildup of snow had started collecting water. Hubby noticed it last night and broke it up, but it re-formed.
Christmas Eve Ice Storm

 Christmas Eve Ice Storm
Our trees are not doing well either. The ice, combined with 30pmh winds is tearing them to pieces. As I sit and write this I can hear snapping sounds outside.

These pictures are not in black and white, by the way. It's really that gloomy outside today!

It is warming up, though, and now we're supposed to get plain rain- lots of it, too. Maybe 3 inches of it by tomorrow. Then it's supposed to get cold really fast and snow.

Hubby and I will be having our first Christmas Day at home tomorrow... this was not the plan, but this storm has made it unsafe to travel to my parent's house. I'm not terribly happy about this. I love spending time with my family! And since Hubby and I are not giving each other gifts this year, our only presents to open are also in Madison. But I think Santa is planning to fill the stockings I made, so at least we'll have something to "open" tomorrow morning :)


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