"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creativity Returns… Kind Of

I’ve been in a real slump lately when it comes to creating things. I just can’t get interested!! And it’s not just quilting- it’s knitting and cardmaking and cooking too. I really think it’s because of the hot humid weather we’ve had. It’s gone on for weeks now with no break. I feel more housebound now than I do in winter!

I’m going on a trip to New York next week (by myself, since Hubby can’t get away from work) and I wanted a nice sleeve for my new laptop, to protect it as I travel.

The summer 2009 Quilts and More magazine has a really nice pattern for a laptop sleeve. I’ve actually made one before…


This was made for my sister, with fabrics she picked out.

Well, I finally broke a little hole in my creativity block and got something done!

laptop case

I made a variation on the same laptop sleeve using Joel Dewberry “Modern Meadow” fabrics with a dash of Essex linen thrown in! Both the outside and the lining have been quilted with batting, to make it extra soft. I also used velcro instead of a button. I didn’t want anything on the outside that could catch on something.

Hopefully I’ve fully broken out of the slump. I have a lot of projects I need to get done!


  1. I get that way from time to time.

    Love you colors... this is a silly question but how do you sew your velcro on? Just one stitch around the outside?

  2. Looks great Jennie! Have fun on your trip!

  3. Those are great and such a wonderful idea. Have a super trip!

  4. Great job Jennie, they are both so pretty! Have a wonderful trip!! ☺