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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Magical Weekend

This past weekend I was so lucky to be able to go home to New York for a visit! It was SO amazing to see everyone and we had such a good time!

On Saturday I went to the Rochester Red Wings baseball game. SO much fun! Our seats were behind home plate. They had lots of fun things happening and the game was good too :) We ate at Sticky Lips BBQ before and went to Mickey Finn’s for drinks afterwards. I really miss both those places. Nothing around here even comes close!

frontier field

After the game we went and watched the High Falls laser show. It was so cool!! I wasn’t able to get any pictures of it, though, since I only had my cell phone camera with me.

On Monday a few of us went driving around the Finger Lakes. We just happened to stop at a winery or three along the way!! We also stopped at Finger Lakes Distilling. This place makes small batches of the best vodka, whiskey and gin I have ever been lucky enough to taste! It was a shame I didn’t have room to bring any home with me.



The still and aging barrels at Finger Lakes Distilling.

I got some great scenery pictures. They’ll help tide me over until I can get home again :)


Grapes at Prejean Winery in Penn Yan, NY…


The view from Hickory Hollow Winery in Dundee, NY…


Waterfall on the side of the road near Watkins Glen, NY…


View From Wagner Vineyards in Lodi, NY

I had such a lovely time with my dear friends! I cried for an hour after I was dropped off at the train station. It was so good to go home for a while. Someday I’m going to go home to stay :)


  1. Awww, you need some ruby red slippers! Beautiful photos.

  2. Those pics came out very clearly and the views are phenomenal I bet!

  3. reminds me of home....NE PA...never went to the distillery but did go to the wineries on the Finger Lakes...not the one you mentioned though

  4. Oh my--you where in my neighborhood!!!! I live at the end of Seneca Lake--W. Glen!! and you visited Wagner's--I used to ride the school bus past that house twice a day--back--ha--well we won't go there--ok!!!
    Hugs, Di
    PS--beautiful pictures

  5. I'm in Rochester so I say Yum Sticky Lips!!! Glad you had a good visit!