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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10 Things I'll Miss About Illinois

So lately I've been pretty focused on moving and court dates and signing papers and getting the heck outta Illinois. I've never liked living here. I don't have any specific reason for this, except that Illinois is not New York. and I ♥♥♥ New York!!

Today I decided to come up with some things here in Illinois that I will miss when I move next week. Here they are, in no particular order:

10: The Fold, a wonderful yarn, spinning and knitting shop in Marengo, IL. This place is truly amazing and everyone who works there is SO friendly!

9: My Lucky kitty. She's staying with the soon-to-be ex. She likes him better anyway, and I know she'll be well taken care of. But I'll still miss her!

8: Michele. She's been incredible. She helped me move all my stuff... to her house, where she's letting me store it until I can move it to New York. And she's been incredibly supportive, letting me talk and get my feelings out and making me laugh. If I could pack her in a bin and take her with me I would :)

7: Trader Joe's. This one almost made me reconsider moving! I ♥ Trader Joe's and the closest one to Rochester, NY is in Pittsburgh. UGH!

6: My quilting friends. I will miss them SO much! We have always had so much fun together at lock-ins and retreats. I will truly miss the 3am Barry Manilow dance-alongs at retreats :)

5: Hong's Delight. This is the Chinese food restaurant in Marengo. They have the best food ever!

4: The Kishwaukee Family YMCA in DeKalb, IL. This place is so great- it's always clean, the people are always friendly and I will truly miss the lap pool. I plan to join a Y out in NY but I don't see how it could possibly be nicer than this one.

3: My doctor. He's a really great doctor and I'm going to miss his care. I hope I can find a doctor that's half as good as he is when I get to NY.

2: Michele's hot tub. Not joking. It feels SO good!

1: Proximity to Wisconsin: this is because my parents and sister live in Wisconsin. It's been nice living close enough to make day trips to see them. It's a 15 hour drive from Rochester NY to Madison WI.


  1. Jennie, some doors in our lives close, shutting us out, but others open, letting us in, and we find we're in an even better place after a time! I truly wish you all the best and will be thinking of you!

  2. I cannot say it any better than Jodi! If a door doesn't open right away, check for a window. :-) Best of luck in NY!

  3. Best Wishes for your new journey! If you can't fly direct to WI from NY and you come thru MSP, I'd love to have your for a guest and/or meet to go shopping!

  4. I'd have a hard time leaving Trader Joe's, too. We have to drive an hour to the closest one. I think you should plan to attend another quilt retreat with your friends in the future. You'll all have new stories to share! Good Luck.

  5. Yeah, well, if the door doesn't open, BREAK a window! And then come over and jump in the hot tub:)
    I'll miss you too, roomie!

  6. The lack of Trader Joe's is definitely tough but hopefully it'll all be worth it. :)

  7. You can take Michelle, please.

  8. You know I'm just kidding, right Michelle? You guys should come to the quilt show in Sycamore Sat. and Sun. at the middle school, 10 on Sat and 11 on Sunday, I'll be there.

  9. Hi. I like your blog... and don't ask me how I ended up here. Just glad I did! :)

  10. Reeeeaaaal nice, Crum. I daresay someone is upset about her title of "Miss Corn Ho" being usurped by a certain younger, more fashionable corn ho.