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Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Images

One of the {many} things I like about living in New York again is the scenery. It’s just SO beautiful here! I have been a lot more inspired to get out and do things like hike and ride my bike. Which has the happy side effect of losing weight :)

Here are some pictures I’ve taken recently on my rambles…


Taken yesterday during a hike on my friend’s property….


Seneca Lake. This was taken in March.


Seneca Lake. This was taken earlier this month.


The Hobart and William Smith College sailboat team. I ♥ this picture :)


A little roadside waterfall near Honeoye Lake.


Cloud shadows on a hillside near Honeoye Lake.


At Lake Ontario (Webster Park).


Amazing double rainbow after a storm a couple days ago!

There’s a bit of my world for you! So much to see- and photograph! I have always been interested in photography and with the help of a friend have been learning a bit more about it. I am saving up for a DSLR camera. I love my friend’s photos and I know a lot of the amazingness of his shots are due to his awesome camera :)


  1. Cool shots Jennie!! Having fun and losing weight are great!

  2. Great photos!

    I just wanted to stop by your blog and welcome you to the FLMQG flickr group. My hometown is also Victor, lived in Fairport, met my husband then moved to Romulus on Cayuga lake. I really love NY and the Finger Lakes.

    Feel free to post some of your quilts in the flickr groups.