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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Happenings!

W-O-W!!! Did this holiday weekend become jam-packed with food, family and fun!! I've spent today just trying to figure out exactly which day of the week it is! It's Sunday, for the record :)

Pretty Thanksgiving Table :)

I managed to clean up my scrapbooking/cardmaking room, which is otherwise known as the dining room :) I love setting my pretty blue table for Thanksgiving. It's the only time in the year it looks so nice!

On Friday we went to my grandparent's house for an old-fashioned family get together! It's been a long time since that many of us were together... at one point there were 18 people eating in the dining room, living room and kitchen! it was nice to see some cousins and aunts and uncles I haven't seen in a few years.

I spent the majority of the time visiting on Friday laughing, talking, eating, and embroidering! I hate to sit around doing nothing, so I brought along a little project....

Name Embroidery
I'm making new stockings for Hubby and I, and I embroidered our names for the cuffs.

Saturday was spent with my great aunt and uncle (Mom's aunt and uncle). They are truly some of my favorite people! We had a really lovely time, and we got to go out to Maggiano's for lunch! Maggiano's has *really* good food... and they don't skimp on it, either :)

Today I've been cleaning and getting the Christmas decorations out. I'm currently pinning out the new Christmas tree skirt I made...

Tree Skirt

I did a tiny bit of Black Friday shopping, too.... from the comfort of my computer chair! Quilthome.com (THE best place on the internet for the hottest designer fabrics!) had 25% all quilting and home dec fabrics... SCORE!! I have a bunch of Amy Butler solids coming, as well as some of my fav Kaffe clouds, some Heather Bailey for a border and binding on a quilt, and some Joel Dewberry "Deer Valley" fabrics that I want to make a bag with. Fabricworm.com also had a sale, and I bought some of the new Sandi Henderson "Meadowsweet" fabrics from them. I can't wait until it all comes :)

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  1. Is that a figgy pudding background I spy on the stocking cuffs? Love how the tree skirt is turning out. What happened with your other one? Your table looks lovely! The napkins rock. Missed sewing with you Sat night. I ended up having 2 people, so I had the lock in after all!