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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There Is No Great Loss...

...without some small gain! Remember that old saying? Well, that's pretty much been my life the past week!

I have my car back... again. $900 later. OUCH! But it has new serpentine and timing belts and a new water pump! And in the past 2 months it's also gotten a new catalytic converter, a new thermostat, a new ignition coil, and a new driver's side window. We've had to put a lot of money into the car, unfortunately... but hopefully that's all, and my little Jetta will be a happy car again!

The "great loss": I was supposed to go to my sister's this weekend, but money issues have made that not possible. I'm super bummed- I really like La Crosse, WI and my sister and I always have fun when we're together! We will see each other at Thanksgiving, though.

The "small gain": well, this is not so small... I had been signed up for a quilting retreat that my friend Vicki puts together, but I cancelled because I was going to see my sister. Well, it turns out there was still room in the retreat! So I get to go to that this weekend instead! It's close to home and doesn't cost a whole lot- and it's 3 days of fun, food, and inside jokes! I'm excited- we always have a TON of fun at this retreat :)

The "great loss": Hubby's uncle passed away at the age of 74 (Hubby was adopted when his parents were older, and his family is a lot older than a typical 31-year-old would have) after a long battle with diabetes and renal failure. He passed away very suddenly, and it's been hard on Aunt Carol and his children and grandchildren.

The "small gain": the funeral service was lovely, there were so many funny stories shared about Uncle Martin that most people laughed more than they cried! We got to visit with family afterwards, and the ladies of the church gave an AMAZING luncheon after the funeral. Also, the weather was lovely, sunny and not too cold, which made everything (including our 3 hour drive) much nicer.

I'm off to start sorting my projects for the retreat, and to get some laundry done. Then I'm going to quilt the mini I made for the STUD swap... it's SO cute! I hardly know how I'm going to mail it off this weekend!

Oh, yes... another "small gain" this week: I got a new chair for my sewing room! No more chair that doesn't move up or down and has screws sticking through the padding. YAY! Giving up that old chair is no "great loss", believe me :)

My blogiversary is on Friday! I have a giveaway planned, so be sure to stop by on Friday to check it out!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your car and your hubby's family. I hope things get better soon. Way to look at the bright side in tough situations, though.