"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy Little Bee(s)!

Keeping up with five online bees is no small task! Add in Hubby's unexpected surgery and recovery... well, it wasn't hard to fall behind in February. I've been catching up, though :)

APOWB: February
This is for Julie in the A Piece Of Work B bee. She's making a quilt for her son using these fun blocks!

Scraptastic Bee: February
These are for Heidi in the Scraptastic Bee.

SDQB: February
This is for Adrienne in the Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee. I had a lot of fun making this totally wonky and free-pieced block!

Buzz Cuts: February
This is for Rachel in the Buzz Cuts bee.

Buzz Cuts: February
A second block for Rachel in the Buzz Cuts bee.

I'm still working on a block for The Block Swap 2 block. I plan to mail that on Monday :)

And lastly:

March is my month in the Buzz Cuts bee!! I agonized for WEEKS about what to send, and finally decided on...
Buzz Cuts- March Fabrics
My favorite hen fabrics!! I'm asking for fun, whimsical blocks... do the hens eat mushrooms? Have a gnome farmer? Gaze at the stars? Live in a log cabin? I am really looking forward to seeing what the wonderfully creative people in the Buzz Cuts bee come up with :)


  1. I love your blocks..but...wow...what unusual fabrics! They are fun! Like them!

  2. I just love all of your blocks.....that is alot to keep up with even without all the extra stuff added in there....

  3. I just love all your blocks, great job!!