"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going Places!

I go to a lot of quilting retreats and lock-ins. My friend Vicki hosts a really fun lock-in down at Tammy Tadd Designs 2 Saturdays a month. We have SO much fun!

What isn't fun, though, is running around my sewing room, gathering the things I think I'll need to take! I always grab things I don't need... and usually forget to grab things I do need :)

So I decided to make a travel kit! Everything in the kit would be always there and ready to go, and not used at any other time.

New Quilting Travel Bag
So I grabbed some of my very favoritest fabrics EVER, from the "Wild Thyme" collection from P&B Fabrics. And I made a nice big zippered bag.

Inside Travel Bag
This bag can hold a lot of stuff, including some smaller rulers!

Side A- Travel Bag
And each side is fixed up with some elastic bands to hold things! This one also has a pocket to hold bobbins, sewing machine needles and the seam ripper that I need more than I'd like to admit :)

Side B- Travel Bag
This side has more elastic bands, and a detachable pincushion with pins!

Now instead of spending part of the day packing to go to a lock-in, I can just grab this gab and go :)


  1. What a great idea. Love it! I have to join you girls again, I had the best time last time. :))

  2. What a clever idea......

  3. wow what a beautiful bag, love it

    hugs Cornelia

  4. Cute bag! Great way to customize just what you need!

  5. How cute~ and perfect for sewing days! :-) Love the happy fabrics.

  6. awesome! I say make a pdf pattern and call it "Hit and Run Bag"
    I think I'll be seeing you on the 13th. I didn't realize I already knew Vicki by face and not name--she's the only one who liked my choice of Henry's Sugar Skulls when I made Tammy's You Go Girl Bag. If you have as much energy as her I'm in trouble! She's a blast!

  7. What a smartie you are Jennie! I've never attempted making a bag, but I do have one of those Omnigrid duffles that I keep filled with my "must have" tools. It's always ready to go for a trip or class. Yours is soooo much cooler because you made it!