"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back To My Basics

I have always been drawn to the more complicated side of quilting. I think it's fun to make blocks that have a zillion pieces, have curves, and involve paper piecing. It was a New York Beauty quilt that first sparked my interest in quilting, actually!

I also like all the simple modern stuff that's all over Flickr and Blogland nowadays. It's been fun doing some simple stuff that is quick to make and has good visual impact. There are so many amazing quilts out there, made by so many seriously talented people!

But, lately, I've been getting bored. I don't particularly like doing free-pieced, really wonky stuff, no matter how hard I've tried to get into it. Don't mistake me- I love, love, LOVE looking at  all those lovely quilts- I just don't like doing it myself. My symmetrical little heart just can't get into the spirit of it :)

So I decided to go back to my "basics", what drew me into quilting in the first place!

Bright Beauty
I sat down with my scrap box and my black stash and made this today!! I just love it! I had a little "issue" with the first curved piece, but it'll be in the seam. And it showed me I needed to be a little more careful and pin a little bit better :)

I have plans to make many more blocks using templates for 4 different styles of New York Beauty blocks. I found them at this lovely site! The color scheme for this was inspired by this lovely mini quilt I saw on Flickr.

I am glad I have found my spot again. I was getting to the point where I was wondering if I even enjoyed quilting anymore. Sometimes we all just need to get back to basics- our own personal basics- to find the joy of our art again!

PS: I would like to say thank you to QuiltHome.com for choosing me as their link-of-the-week this week! I was so surprised and happy to open my e-mail and see that yesterday morning! I would also like to say hello and thank you to everyone who is visiting from QuiltHome.com :)


  1. Fabulous!! It makes me what to take Shelley's New York Beauty class at QIJ this spring. Very inspiring!!

  2. That is one fantastic block! I love the New York Beauty block but have yet to attempt one. Great fabric choices.

  3. I could really relate to your post today. My taste is rather eclectic -- I love many different types/styles of quilts. Your New York Beauty block is lovely! I made my first one recently for a bee and now need to re-do it because my curves are wonky (and they are not supposed to be :). Congratulations on finding your "spot" again and being chosen by QuiltHome!

  4. What a fun block....looks difficult

  5. Love those NY Beauties! Makes me want to try one of the more complicated blocks - they really are addicting, aren't they?!??!

  6. Congrats on being a Quilt Home "Link of the Week" - they featured my blog a few weeks ago (firstfruitflowers.blogspot.com). I am a new quilter just starting out with no sewing background. Thanks for sharing your projects and helping to inspire folks like me.