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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Favorite Vacation Pics

We got home from vacation last night! It was such a wonderful vacation!! The only thing we would change is the length- we were gone too long. I guess Hubby and I are both homebodies :)

Today I've been unpacking and cleaning and doing laundry and making bread and getting a grocery shopping list put together. I'm also suffering the sadness and homesickness I experience every time I leave the place I consider to be home (Victor, NY)... it's so hard to leave the friends and the area I love so much. I've been praying every day for nearly 8 years that God will open up a way for me to move back there. So far, nothing. But I keep hoping!

Anyway, enough of the weepy stuff! We got some AWESOME pictures on this trip! Here are my favorites from my camera- Hubby will download his camera tonight and I can show you some of those pics, too!

Portland Head Lighthouse
This is the Portland Head lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. This is my second-favorite lighthouse (my all time favorite is the St. Simon Island lighthouse in Georgia). It's SO pretty, and we had the perfect day to be there!

Portland Head Lighthouse
There are paths along the rock shore that you can walk in the park near the lighthouse. This picture shows you why there's a lighthouse there- I'm thinking a ship would NOT win against those rocks!

Atlantic Ocean
The ocean was very calm and scenic that day :)

Hubby took this picture of me sitting on the rocks near the lighthouse, looking into Portland Harbor.

In Vermont. This is called the "100 mile view". It's near Hogback Mountain.

Vermont Foliage
This is somewhere in Vermont. I love the contrast of the hill that has the sun shining on it and the hill that is under a cloud!

Killington Ski Resort in Killington Vermont. It was actively snowing in the higher elevations the day we drove through Vermont.
Rochester, NY
A view of the Rochester skyline from I-390. Rochester is a little city, but it has one of the prettiest skylines I have ever seen! I especially love it at night.

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  1. So glad you were able to visit my beautiful state of Maine!