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Sunday, October 11, 2009


So, here we are in Maine!! It has been wonderful so far, the weather has been great and the town we are staying in is so cute! We're 1/8 mile from the Atlantic Ocean and have been walking down to the beach to walk before breakfast... can't do THAT in Illinois :)

Atlantic Ocean

I took this yesterday... I spent about 2 hours walking and sitting at the beach. It was heavenly!

Today we drove up to Cape Elizabeth and went to the Portland Head Lighthouse! We were not able to climb the tower since it's a working lighthouse and is in the custody of the Coast Guard... but we were able to go to the museum there, and walk MILES of paths and take about a million pictures!

Portland Head Lighthouse

Tomorrow we are spending the day in Boston, then heading up to Manchester, NH, where we will be staying a couple of days. I don't want to leave Maine, though! I absolutely love it here :)

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  1. You can too walk a beach in Illinois! We do have a ginormous lake that has sand and everything on it's shore. You just live too far inland is the problem.