"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Friday, May 1, 2009

Goal Oriented

I've been just kind of "drifting" through my days, not really having any clear cut goals for each day besides the daily housecleaning that I do. This hasn't been working very well, since I am the kind of person who wants to do everything! Then I get overwhelmed, and don't do anything.

So I decided I am going to set goals for each day! Chores, quilting, knitting, gardening... it doesn't matter what, but I am actually writing my goals down the night before. Somehow working from a list makes everything easier!

For example: my goals for today are: 1. exercise, 2. plant seedlings in garden, 3. turn 4 lbs of strawberries into jam, 4. finish knitting sock.
I have done all but #4, and that is going to be worked on- as soon as I'm done here!

Here is #2 on the goal list!!

And #3 on the goal list.
I don't have a picture of me exercising... trust me, you don't want to see that! Now I'm off to work on a sock... there is a certain holiday involving mothers coming up... and I have 2 of them that need gifts :)


  1. A list can be be a lifesaver when there are lots of things to do and you can't find the motivation to start. Even if you do nothing else at least you have made a list! Your strawberry jam looks delicious and would be just the thing for a batch of homemade scones....Ann :)

  2. What a good idea, J! I've gotten into a bit of a "Slump" as well, as far as getting projects completed! I did learn to use the backhoe so I could get the soil turned for my garden, but it has taken me three days to get anything planted! I did take your 'advice' (well, follow your example)and make a list for tomorrow! You always seem to get so much done, Jennie!

  3. Are those new tomato cages I spy? Where did you get such gorgeous strawberries already? I'm feeling the need to make jam.