"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This past weekend I took advantage of the fact that Hubby was out of the country on business, and took some classes!!

First up: Cathedral Windows at Quilt In Joy! I've always wanted to learn how to make these! They are so easy, too! This was just the little sample I made in class. I think I'll turn it into a pincushion :) I highly recommend the book- it has great diagrams, and gorgeous project ideas!

Next up was "Snippet Stew" at Pieceful Gatherings! I don't go to this shop much- it's too far from my house, and they only carry Civil War and 1930's repros- my two least favorite fabrics!! But they had come to my guild to speak, and I was intrigued by the pattern, and the method used to make it.

I used a Swanky layer cake and solid white. I think my color choices threw the teacher for a bit of a loop- they were decidedly different than anything anyone else was using :) I am using a different method to make my blocks, too. Her way is the raw-bias-edge way: I don't do raw bias unless it's absolutely necessary, and in this case it's not! I plan to work on it today.

And lastly I went to Vicki's "Lock-in and Unload" UFO night at Tammy Tadd Designs! These are always SO much fun!! I put together this little top. It's made from "Wildwood" by Erin McMorris, along with a Moda solid white. I think I'm going to make some more triangles to make it bigger, though. It's about 45" square right now.

I have my i-Tunes set up to just play through my music by artist in alphabetical order. It just went from Rachmoninov to Shakira, then from Shakira to Simon and Garfunkel. I guess I like all kinds of music!


  1. Your classes all sound like loads of fun! Your Wildwood quilt looks terrific. Love the freshness white gives to the fabrics. Ann :)

  2. I love all your projects especially your color choice for the cathedral window.

  3. AttaGirl, Jen!
    I LOVE your taste in music... I never thought about MY taste in music being odd - Bach, Beethoven, Buena Vista Social Club, Jimmy Buffett, Chopin, Carly Simon...and so it goes - If it is good, listen. If not, delete it.
    You are right, white makes bright colors pop!