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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feelin' Groovy...

For the past couple weeks I have been in consultation with my doctor regarding some alarming symptoms, including severe tiredness, more asthma attacks than usual ("usual" is none at all...) and a constantly upset stomach. Several possible diagnoses were presented, some more severe than others.

The final diagnosis is a fairly trivial matter though: I have developed an allergy to milk. Since I drank a lot of milk and ate a lot of yogurt and cheese, I was constantly having an allergic reaction. Hence the tiredness and stomach problems. The asthma attacks were also being triggered by the reaction to milk.

It seems that cheese and yogurt do not bother me as much as plain milk, but I am cutting back on all consumption of milk products. And I have been feeling so much better! Today I have more energy than I have had in many weeks, and have been cleaning and doing laundry and sewing and cutting fabric without feeling like I am going to die any second :)

I have also been delving deep into my sewing room and gathering items to sell at my quilt guild's annual "garage sale" tomorrow night. Anything quilt related is welcome for sale, and I have rounded up quite a lot of fabric and kits that I know I won't use. I sincerely hope that people in my guild will want them- the money would be a nice addition to my vacation fund!


  1. That's a relief to have found the cause of your symptons. At least you can now manage the condition. Allergies can be very debilitating. Jenny, I'm a bit concerned that your parcel hasn't arrived yet. Perhaps in the next couple of days. Ann :)

  2. Ann- I received your package on July 13 and e-mailed you right away to tell you! I also posted pictures of every wonderful thing you sent me on Flickr, and I am planning to do a blog post about it very soon. I am sorry you did not get my first e-mail :( Hugs! Jennie