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Friday, July 10, 2009

Swap Swap Swap!

Some more swapping has been happening! First up- June's Swap Till U Drop (STUD). I only did the Anything Goes category. I swapped with Cathie....

She sent me a lovely springy mini with daisies as the centerpiece! Isn't is so bright and happy? I just love it! She also sent some lovely little "extras" :)
And this is what I sent her, along with some extras... I was afraid it looked Christmas-y, but she says it goes well with her house!

And in the first ever Placemat Swap over on Flickr, I was paired up with AmandaJean! I am sure most of you read her blog... and if you don't, you should- she's insanely talented! I was actually a little intimidated by the thought of making something for her :)

This is the lovely placemat she sent me! It's too pretty to actually use. Hubby and I both agreed that it belongs on the mini wall. She also sent some lovely little "extras"!

And this is the placemat I sent her, along with some extras! She asked me to work with red and aqua. I thought nice clean lines was the way to go, and this placemat was born!

Hubby made it safely to Edmonton- and called me at 1am to tell me :) It's OK, I'm glad he called to let me know... but it scared the you-know-what out of me when he called, since I was sound asleep!

The cat doesn't seem to be able to grasp the idea that he's out of town... she refused to sleep with me last night, and instead spent the night on the rug in front of the garage door, waiting for him to come home! Today she is clingy and needy, wanting to be held and petted all the time. Poor kitty... she really is too attached to Hubby.

I am taking some exciting classes at a couple different local shops this weekend... more on that tomorrow :)

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  1. Great swap projects, they are adorable!
    I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! The name of the quilt is "Faceted Jewels" by Glad Creations, Inc. I have a couple more of their patterns I want to make, they use up tons of scraps, my kind of pattern!
    Have a great week ahead. :D