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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hubby is on an airplane right now, headed to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am bored, and I *HATE* knowing that he's on a plane! I hate planes. I hate flying. And I am very unhappy that Hubby is on a plane, flying right now.

So I've been putting in the time waiting to know he's safely on terra firma again doing a few things... I washed the dishes... I sewed a little... I cut some fabric... and then, I sat down and got on Facebook for a little while.

Facebook has a LOT of different quizzes you can take, about all sorts of topics. The two I chose to take tonight were "Which Harry Potter Character are you most like", and "which NCIS character are you".

I answered all the questions honestly. And I got the results "Luna Lovegood" and "Jethro Gibbs"!!

If you know anything about Harry Potter and NCIS, you know that there could not be two characters that are more different.

So which one is right? I don't know... maybe I have multiple personalities? :)

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  1. I totally agree on the Facebook quizzes! I just took "What decade fits your personality?" and I'm the 1950's. Interesting!