"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Monday, July 6, 2009

Clothesline of Happiness

Yesterday was such a nice day I decided to get some quilts out on the line and air them. Then they looked so pretty I couldn't stop looking at them!!

The colors in this picture aren't terribly great, but this is my latest finish- the one I was quilting in my last blog post pictures! It's made with "Dandelion Girl" by Moda, and the pattern is an Anka's Treasures pattern. The binding isn't sewn to the back yet, but I thought I would air it anyway! I'll get a better shot when it's really all the way done :)

This is the one that was on the GrandQuilter when I "unearthed" it... there was only about 2 hours worth of work to get it finished- I have NO idea why I just left it! Probably because the room was a mess and not pleasant to work in. Anyhow, it's also not quite done, I still need to hand sew the binding. This one is made with "Urban Indigo" by Moda, and the pattern is in the book "Strip Happy".

About 30 minutes after I took these pictures we had a surprise pop-up thunderstorm- I was running to get the quilts off the line before it started raining! I got them all in the house just as the first raindrops fell :) A pile of 6 quilts is surprisingly heavy, when you're trying to run with it...


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