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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Blur Of Events

I can't believe I haven't posted in 5 days!! Time flies so fast when you are busy!

I've been cleaning the house, and weeding the garden, mostly. I've started to tackle fall housecleaning stuff... scrubbing floors, washing walls, dusting all the books, things like that. I also washed our flannel sheets and winter quilts and aired the down comforter out on the clothesline. I kind of feel like Pa in "The Long Winter"... something is telling me to get this stuff done early! I feel like fall and winter are going to come early and cold this year.

I've also been working on yardwork- trimming bushes and the like. I tackled the overgrown back patio slab thing behind our house... some of the weeds were taller than me... and I'm not short :) There is a little more work to do back there, but I need Hubby's help with that. I am also cleaning up the woodpile and deciding how much wood to order before winter. We do love fires in the fireplace during the winter evenings!

I've been knitting away on a sweater and a cardigan for myself. They are both going well, and I will have them done by the time fall rolls around. I am also finishing up my first pair of socks, and plan to get started right away on more. I love knitting socks!

I've been without my car for the last 2 days... it is getting new bushings in front, a new thermostat, and a new catalytic converter. And a new headlight bulb. Thank heavens the catalytic converter is covered under warranty- that alone would be $1200!! I absolutely love my little Volkswagen, but it's an expensive car to maintain. I get it back tomorrow. YAY!! I hate being without my car!

I finished cutting these pieces this afternoon, paired them up into blocks, and am sewing them together now! Corn is ripening around here, and the evenings have actually had a bit of an autumn chill to them. This put me in the mood to make a fall quilt!

We leave for vacation 10 weeks from today! Not that I'm counting the days or looking forward to it or anything... Our neighbor is going to look after our cat and the house for us. He's a retired Illinois State Police officer... I like knowing our house will be very safe and secure while we are gone :)


  1. sounds like you've been really busy! How exciting about your vacation! Where are you going?

  2. Some weeks just seem to get away on you. You've certainly been busy. Nice fabrics. Oohh! A vacation. Lucky you.... Ann :)