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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Brand New Year!

YAY!!! It's 2010! A brand new year!

We started off the brand new year under the light of a "blue moon"... it was extremely bright, and was casting shadows. It was so beautiful! Hubby and I tried and tried to get some great pictures, but out of 50 shots (!) this is the only one that turned out good...

The Shadow Of The Blue Moon
I think we both resolved to work on our photography skills in 2010 :)

I also decided to start a picture a day for 2010, just random pictures of interesting things I see. I won't be posting the pictures here every day, but I do have a set going on Flickr! This was today's picture:

1/365: Icicles

And I finished my very first project for 2010!! My sister is leaving for a medical missions trip to Haiti next week. She asked me to make her a couple of simple skirts to take with, since women wearing pants is somewhat abnormal in the area she'll be in. So I whipped these out this morning:

First 2010 Finish!

We just got back from a wonderful New Year's dinner at my mother-in-law's house... that woman can cook! On Sunday we are finally going to Madison to see my family for our Christmas celebration! I am glad we finally got some good weather to travel in.


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