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Monday, January 11, 2010


Swapping is so much fun. It's addiction, really. But it keeps me off the streets, right? :)

For the Swap Till U Drop (STUD) group on Flickr I had 2 December partners.

This is what I sent to Sara (sames5):

December STUD sent to Sames5

And this is what she sent to me!

December STUD Recieved!
I just love this- it looks like a sunflower that's just starting to open! I don't know if you guessed, but I like sunflowers- a lot :) So this is a perfect mini for me!

I recieved this today from Sardana in Austria... international shipping takes a long time!

December STUD Rec'd
It's so cheerful!

Sardana has not recieved the mini I sent her yet, so I'll post about that later- I don't want to spoil the surprise!

And lastly, we got our DQS8 partners yesterday!! Here are the fabrics I've picked out for my secret partner:

Fabrics For DQS8
I'm still designing the quilt, I have a couple ideas in mind!

I spent yesterday at Paige's house, sewing with her and learning to use her Gammill (long-arm machine). I cannot WAIT to quilt a quilt on it sometime next month!!


  1. I LOVE that quilt you received from Sara! It's so pretty!

  2. they all are beautiful! I love mini quilts.....

  3. Love the minis and the fabric you picked out...very nice! Oh how I would love to know someone with a longarm I could play with!


  4. Yoy really got some great quilts! And I love the quilting you did in the one you sent.

  5. I love your mini you sent!! And the fabric for DQS8 is fantastic - I hope it's me!! *snort* (how weird would that be? But as if!)

  6. Wow - I am taken aback by the stitching on the black borders. It is gorgeous!!!

    New to your site... but I'll surely keep following!