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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

International Quilt Festival 2010: The Quilts, Part II

Just a few more of the quilts that caught my eye and inspired me at the International Quilt Festival this past weekend!

"My Stash At 50" by Karen Eckmeier

"My Stash At 50" by Karen Eckmeier... check out the quilting on this!!

"Crocus" by Maggie Weiss

"Oh, For Henna's Sake" by Michelle Reasoner

"Oh, For Henna's Sake" by Michelle Reasoner... another one that just had amazing quilting!

"Fantasy Seahorse" by Pat Mazzarella

There are more pictures of amazingly inspirational quilts in my Flickr Set "IQF 2010" :)


  1. Thanks for all the great photo's! The quilting is really amazing in some of them!

  2. Thanks for a great show and tell...pretty eye candy.

  3. Lovely show and tell with some inspirational quilting there.

  4. Thanks for posting those amazing quilts from IQF - lots of inspiration there!

  5. "My Stash at 50" is the most amazing quilt. I love the curvy lines in the log cabins, and you're right - the quilting is really something!