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Monday, April 26, 2010


Taking really good photos with the perfect subject and lighting has never been my strong point. I always strive for great pictures, but most of the time they elude me. Lately I've really been making an effort, though. I set aside the cheap camera I got on clearance at Shopko. I learned how to use all the features of our really good Olympus camera. I'm learning about lighting and focus and white balance. We have a tripod now and a remote for the camera is next on the list. I try to pose my subjects (usually quilts!) for the maximum effect.

But this? This was totally random!! I took the camera outside to take pictures of the crabapple tree. I stepped into the grass to get a better view. I happened to look down, and there was this:

Not Just A Weed :)
What may possibly be the most perfectly formed dandelion flower I've ever seen!

I love dandelions. I don't look in my yard and see unsightly weeds... I see hundreds of happy cheerful flowers! Fortunately I live in the country where no one is bothered by them :)


  1. Jennie - this picture looks perfect! Dandelions are my favorite flower - it's the flower that my children give me most :)

  2. My daughter loves dandelions and informed me at 6 that they will me her wedding flowers.

  3. Wow, that one is perfect! I think dandelions are cheerful too, and my kids love to pick them and give them to me, which makes them special!

    I got lucky a few years back and took a perfect picture of a peony flower. I still put that one on my desktop every now and then!


  4. Beautiful. I don't mind dandelions either. We've never sprayed or pulled them and now that we have rabbits, we have a use for them. I think they're so cute and pretty.

  5. Dandelions are beautiful! I just wish they didn't spread so fast! LOL

  6. I love those bright golden yellow flowers--you know it is spring when the start popping up all around---in fact my mother told me that if it hadn't been for dandelion greens one spring we would of starved to death!!!
    Thanks for the beautiful picture and the memory--
    Hugs, Di