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Friday, April 2, 2010

Garden 2010

All Ready!!
Well, here it is!! Hubby and I finished up the last of the prep work this morning: we made the last of the beds, worked the compost into all of them, and got the soil/peat moss mixture for the blueberries into the pots!

I guess my measurements were a bit off, because I thought I could only get 6 beds in the space I had. But it turns out that there was room for 7 beds. That makes me very happy- the more planting space the better!!

I now have 252 square feet of deep soil raised beds for planting! They'll need to settle for about a week (and it's supposed to rain most of the next week, so that's perfect!) and then I can start the early stuff: peas, lettuce, radishes, and spinach. I can hardly wait for my first garden-fresh salad :)


  1. By accident I came to your lovely blog (I was caught by your wonderful header!) and just noticed that you are fond of gardening too. What a good mixture to have hobbies for inside (quilting) and outside (gardening) :-) !
    I'll certainly come back again. Greetings from Switzerland,

  2. That looks wonderfully organized. I purchased bags of weta soil (we have been in drought) compost and weta soil mulch and then sugar cane and other mulch....expecting them to be put down before plants were planted. However I think my handyman gardener was so overwhelmed by the amount of plants that he put them in and let the bags just sit there. I am a little unsure as to why he thinks I buy them but must make myself more clear or do more supervision.

  3. Your plants will be happy in that beautiful rich soil.