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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Flowers :)

I wanted to show you some of the flowers I saw today :)

The Crabapple Tree, Spring 2010
This crabapple tree is right in our front yard, and it's always SO beautiful this time of year! I wish I could post the scent that's coming into the house from this tree- it's so sweet and peaceful!

This tree is also buzzing right now- literally. There must be hundreds of bees in the flowers right now!

Strawberry Flower!
I must be doing something right with the strawberries this year- some of them are already flowering!! I'm so excited for some fresh strawberries this year :)


  1. Beautiful! We've got loads of those big fat furry bumblebees busy in our yard these days too! And our strawberries are waking up too...sweet juicy warm fresh picked strawberries are the best!


  2. The
    shown are extremely beautiful. Today, everybody is so busy in their lives and no one have time to see the beauty of nature. But really, these pics are eye catching.

  3. I adore crab apples and have one purple leaf, deep pink flowers, one with redish apples and one I purchased last year which could be similar to this one in your picture. I loved the pink flowers when I purchased it but was in hospital when it flowered last year....so tis a bit unknown. I also have some self seeded hybrids which are very tall and have yellow green apples in Autumn at the same time as my Granny Smith apple and Red delicious. We have been in drought so have not had the best year this year but high hopes for next year. That one is lovely indeed.

  4. What a sweet blog! Found you through Sew Inspired this morning - my lucky day! I look forward to scrolling through your archived posts. In the meantime, have a wonderful day! ~karen