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Friday, November 28, 2008


I got my Desden Plate quilt back from Paige on Tuesday... O.M.G. I am blown away! She took my simple top and turned it into something amazing! I really feel grateful that I know her, and that she quilts for others! She is really an artist. I cannot do what she does. When I brought it to her, she looked at it for about 2 minutes, and knew how it should be quilted! And she was right! This was the first quilt I had her do for me. I have a Pfaff GrandQuilter, and quilt most of my quilts myself, usually with pantographs. But sometimes I have a quilt I want something more for. So I will definitely be sending more her way!!

Here's one of the blocks:
Amazing! She really enhanced it! And her stippling is so even! Here's the view from the back. You can get a much clearer picture of the extensive quilting she did.
Here's a corner with her amazing feather border pattern in it. I love it!

And here's the feather from the back:

I am going to a lock-in at Tammy Tadd's on Monday, so I'll trim it and put the binding on there. I am going to get the label embroidered tomorrow, along with labels for a few other quilts.
Now that the holiday is over I am going to be sewing a lot more! It is amazing to me the effort that goes into having 4 people over for about 6 hours for a dinner! I do love cooking, though, and it was nice to see family. I received many compliments on the meal! And the very best part: there are leftovers! I don't have to cook the whole weekend! When Hubby wants food, I just send him to the fridge with a plate. THAT is what I am most thankful for- a break from my usual chores for a weekend. 48 hours of sewing time!

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  1. That Paige is talented! But so are you! The two of you both do amazing work.