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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden Update

So, I kinda let the garden, um, do it's own thing for a while. I have been sick, and in New York... I have lots of excuses! Turns out that weeds grow REALLY well in deep beds- I have been out weeding for a total of 9 hours over the last 3 days, and I'm still not done cleaning it up! I should be able to finish up tomorrow morning... I can only work in the early morning, since it's in the 90's here this week!

Fortunately, though, the "real" plants survived and grew as well!

The broccoli and the radishes...

The tomatoes are doing really well!
The peppers are also doing well, and in this weather you can practically watch them grow!

And the strawberries are starting to get their second round of flowers.

The sugar snap peas have started flowering too! Yummy- I can't wait for these to come in!
Once I get the garden back on track I am going to start turning over the new garden area. We are more than doubling the garden for next year- I'm so excited!


  1. Great garden, Jennie! Don't get too hot out there!

    I ran this a.m. at 6, and it was already 75 deg. and humid. Glad I got that over with early! Now I'm going antiquing - I have the day off!

  2. Mulching the soil with pea straw or sugar cane mulch will go a long way to reducing weeds. It also helps to preserve soil moisture and keep plant roots cool. Ann :)

  3. totally jealous! I have no flowers on my peas yet! Totally hate this god forsaken weather.