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Monday, June 8, 2009

Train Fun

Yesterday we went with some friends on a little excursion on the South Shore Line. It's an electric railroad that runs from Chicago, IL to South Bend, IN. It was lots of fun- the train actually runs down the middle of the street in Michigan City, IN! It was so cool- almost like being back in the 20's with all the inter-urban trolleys and stuff.

Hubby is a HUGE railroad and public transportation fan. He volunteers every Saturday at the Illinois Railway Museum, restoring trains and trolley buses. So this was perfect for him! I went along for the ride and the scenery. I got a lot of knitting done :)

On Thursday night I'll be taking another train... this one from Chicago to Rochester, NY! I'm excited to see all my friends :) I've never travelled on the train alone before, and I'll be going in coach, unfortunately... we usually go in sleeper cabins but it was too expensive with this short notice. Oh, well.

I have a TON of stuff to do at home before I leave! Hubby was laughing at me this morning... I was making lists: of stuff to pack, stuff I need to do at home before I go, stuff I need to get at the store... he says I am going to need a list to keep track of all my lists soon!

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  1. You should get some soaker hoses and a timer to water the garden before you leave. It's really handy to not have to worry about the garden getting watered while you are gone!