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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Love New York!!

The surgery went well, my friend is recovering nicely, and I am home again! Now that I'm not dead tired from travelling I'm really starting to miss my friends (really, they are more like family to me!). I always feel so alone when I get home from NY- we all do everything together out there, and always have! Here I spend most of my time alone. Oh, well, it will pass, and I'll get used to the loneliness again. And I can look forward to October, when we go for another visit.

We did manage to fit in a wine tasting drive (I drove, and did not taste- much! Just sips out of a friend's glass if he thought I would like it) and a cookout. I also became addicted to the show "N.C.I.S." while I was there- gotta look that up and see if I can watch it online! Mark Harmon- yum! But I've always had a thing for hot older men. :)

The train rides in both directions were uneventful, except for the INS taking a passenger off the train on the way out there. The train home was not very full, so I was able to have 2 seats to myself, which was nice!

Today I am just doing laundry and recovering. We are in the middle of a "severe weather outbreak" today and tomorrow- thunderstorms, tornadoes, that kind of stuff. So far it's all been west and south of here.

I bought some great fabric and yarn while I was out there- pics and a post about that tomorrow!


  1. Welcome back to the midwest, Jennie! We had hail last night...lots o' fun! Glad to hear you had a good time, can I come along next time?

  2. Welcome home, Jennie. Glad your friend is doing well, and that you got to have some fun times.

  3. Glad everything went well! I totally understand the loneliness. It doesn't seem to pass but I guess one gets used to it.