"...for we put the thought of all that we love into all that we make" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things I Am Thankful For

So I spent most of this past week feeling sorry for myself. It's hot- REALLY hot. I don't feel good, and I haven't for a couple weeks now (NO, I am not pregnant, that's the first thing I checked!). I miss my friends in NY. I am behind on my swap projects. I can't seem to keep up with the house (because I am tired because I don't feel good)...

Well, let me tell you all, sitting around making a list of all the reasons life sucks takes even more energy out of you! So I decided to make a list of all the things that are GOOD right now. And guess what? I came up with more things that are good than things that are bad! Life isn't so bad after all!!

1. I have central air conditioning. This is very, very good!

2. I now know what is making me so tired. It's something chronic that flares up every once in a while. There's nothing I can do but wait it out. But at least I know what it is now, and I should be feeling better in a couple more weeks!

3. One of my hobbies (knitting) can be done while sitting, and takes very little energy. So I can still make stuff even when I'm feeling icky!

4. I have a wonderful Hubby who provides for me, and helps me when I am unwell.

5. The garden is giving us salads! This is good- veggies taste SO much better straight from the ground :)

6. I know what I am going to make/give to my swap partners, so once I do have energy to work on these, I can get them done quickly.

7. I have several bottles of very good wine! ;)

8. I am still losing weight. Which is good!

9. I have great friends, both in real life and online! And even though I am far away from some of them, cell phones and computers make it easy to keep in touch.

I really think making a list of all the good stuff in your life helps boost your energy levels! Smiling helps too. Try it and see!

Love to all!


  1. Just read your thankfulness post. You are so right - when in a funk, give thanks for the good things, and the funk fades away. Have a good night, and a good day tomorrow.

  2. That's a terrific approach to a rough patch. Plenty there to keep you going till your energy and enthusiasm returns. Look after yourself.
    Ann :)

  3. #1. This is truly a GOOD thing. Summer in the Midwest? Hello?!
    #2. Knowing is always half the battle.
    #3. I'll take a pair of socks please.
    #4. The very best GOOD thing.
    #5. Mmmm. And salads are low caloric food. Exra bonus.
    #6. See my answer to #2.
    #7. That can help most any mood. ;->
    #8. HOORAY!
    #9. Ditto.

  4. YYAAY, YOU!!!
    Thinking of all the good things really does make us happier, doen't it? (Thinking of all our good friends is especially nice).