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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Animal Tracks

Early Friday morning... very early Friday morning... we were awakened by the din of cats screaming and coyotes and dogs howling. Our poor cat nearly jumped to the ceiling! We couldn't see anything out the window, it was so dark. Gradually the din quieted down, and we went back to sleep.

Later Friday morning, I was walking out to get the mail and saw this. I couldn't get a very clear picture, but what I got is below.

There is one set of small tracks that lead straight to the tree. There are several sets of bigger tracks that lead to the tree, and then around the tree, and there are several small broken branches all around the tree!

I didn't see anything else, so I am hopeful that whatever took refuge in my tree escaped!

I am working on a new mini. It's not an original pattern, but it is rather difficult to render this particular pattern into a miniature. I hope to post a picture of it tomorrow!

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  1. Fingers crossed that whatever was in the tree didn't end up a snack! The snow looks so lovely. Things a little cooler here today and I might even get some sewing done. I'm excited abgout your new project as I haven't made any miniatures.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)