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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby, Baby!

Well, with the help of Vicki, I found the one fabric in the entire shop down at Tammy Tadd's that would work as a substitute on that baby quilt I am making... and a quick update on that, baby William was born yesterday! He weighs over 5lbs, which is really good, considering he was born at 33 weeks. All reports indicate he is doing very well! I am going to wait a couple days to work on his quilt again... I think I am getting a cold, and I don't like to work on baby quilts when I'm sick. Even though I will wash the quilt, I still don't want to work on it while I am sick. I know he will have plenty of blankets and quilts, as his mother and several of her friends sew and quilt. So I'll get mine to them a little later!

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  1. Welcome Baby William. I'm delighted to hear things went went well. You were lucky to find the fabric you were seeking. I have a little shop that I go to when I simply can't find a match - they always seem to have something!

    Look after yourself and try not to let that cold take hold.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)