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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Organization!

Except this time it wasn't my sewing room... it was my cardmaking and scrapbooking stuff! I used to be a demonstrator for Stampin'Up, and while I am not one anymore, I still love to make cards! But I didn't have a place in the house for my stuff, so I had it all on a cart that I would bring out to the dining room table when I wanted to make something.

But that was really inconvenient, especially when I only wanted to make one or two cards! So, I took a desk that was in our bedroom doing nothing but getting heaped with clutter and put it in a corner of the dining room. And on this I organized my stuff!

Believe me when I say this is FAR from being all my stuff! A lot of it is still in the storage room, but enough is out here. And I know what's in storage, because I made a catalog of the stuff that's back there. I pulled out all the stamps I thought I'd use most and put the rest in storage. But again, I have a stamp "catalog" of all the sets I own, and I marked which ones were out here, and which ones were in the back room. I borrowed a cabinet in my buffet for bigger stuff like my Big Shot, Big Shot dies, paper cutter, and ribbon box. All my punches fit in the big drawer, and I can actually see them all! Little boxes on the desk top hold my envelopes and adhesives.

So now I can sit down and make cards and stuff without it being a huge hassle to haul everything out! I am so excited! Now I need to sit down and make all those birthday and Christmas thank-you cards... better late than never, I suppose!


  1. That's a terrific organisation solution. Now things at at your finger tips and you can make some beautiful cards.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  2. thanks for visiting my blog! hope you're staying warm out there in illinois.