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Monday, January 5, 2009

Sewing Room Madness

So I have been working (and working, and working, and...) on getting my sewing room very clean and organized. I thought (silly me!) this would be a couple-of-day job. But, here we are in week 2, and it's getting there. Slowly.
My main concern has been to get my fabric visible. It's all been in boxes, and in other rooms, and that makes me forget what I have. And then I go buy new stuff. Which has led me to the situation I am in now. I had NO idea I had this much fabric! I knew I had a lot, but wow, this is more than I thought I had, truthfully.
Here's the part that's already in good shape... the top of the 6-foot long dresser that was part of the bedroom set I inherited when my grandparents passed away. This dresser did not fit in our bedroom, and we really didn't need it there anyway, and it stores a fantastic amount of fabric!
The drawers are going to hold fat quarters. Which are currently piled (very high...) waiting to be folded uniformly and placed in the drawers!
And here's the pile of fabric that's folded into 4ths and waiting until Thursday, when I will have the rest of my "bolts" ready to go... 260 of them! I hope it's enough... This pile is 21" tall. And it's not complete yet! I have more to fold and put up there before Thursday!
The empty bookcase these fabrics sit on will hold a fairly large portion of them, once they are wound onto the bolts. I have the shelves that Hubby put up on the wall to fill, too, once these are full.
I have kits and jelly rolls and charm packs to sort out, too, and find a place for. I am almost overwhelmed by all this stuff... I need to get cracking and get some of these planned projects done!! I am signed up for a couple lock-ins down at Tammy Tadd's this month, but there are a few I am not signed up for... that may change- I get a lot done during lock-ins!
Not much else new. I am participating in a Calendar Quilt challenge (click on the button on thr right for details). I think it will be fun! I am also going to start my own "block of the month". The ones that are going on at my local quilt shops just don't appeal to me. So I'm making my own.
I need to do some housework, too... Hubby gently reminded me last night that there are other rooms in the house besides my sewing room (there are???). I suppose since he slogs off to work every day to earn the money that keeps us going, I should hold up my end of the bargain and clean the house a little!


  1. Have to answer you like this as you came up with no reply in my mail. Please check your profile to allow your emailadress to show,

    I have added you to the list . Please put the badge in your sidebar and make a monthly list over your finished projects under it.
    Good luck on your finishes.

    May Britt

  2. Holy crap!!! You have even more fabric than I thought too! Now you'll be able to shop your very own personal quilt shop any hour of the day or night, regardless of the weather, and they will always carry what you like.

  3. AMANDA!!! Are you starting a blog too? Bella as a Venus Flytrap is TOO cute!!

  4. Is that our Amanda? I'll have to see what she's up to! The organization is coming along nicely! I love the wall of rulers. I can only dream of a wall to put my rulers on....