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Friday, January 30, 2009

News N' Stuff

So yesterday I was completely entranced by the impeachment of the governor that was happening here in the state of Illinois. I popped up a live video stream of the Senate chambers, sat down with my knitting, and watched the whole thing... the former governor's "passionate" speech (which was really funny, in a sad sort of way), the closing arguments of the prosecutor, and the comments from all the senators.

These were also funny, in a sad sort of way. I had had the impression that one needed to be able to speak in clear, comprehensible English to be a Senator. I guess was sadly mistaken! Almost all of them, regardless of their sex or race, made ghasty grammatical errors and used words that don't actually exist. It was rather sad to see the language being so abused and misused, especially by so many highly educated people! Most of them were reading pre-written statements, so it's not like they were speaking at the spur of the moment and were grasping for words.

Then the vote- unanimous in favor of impeachment. It was astonishing how fast everything changed after that. The State Police that guarded the former governor were gone within minutes!

After that came the swearing in of Governor Quinn. I really liked his speech! I think he's going to be good. It is apparent he's not as arrogant and as full of himself as our former governor was! And he's going to live in the Governor's Mansion, which is something the former governor didn't do- he chose to stay in Chicago and be as disconnected from the actual capitol as he could. Not the new governor, though... he moved in to the Mansion last night!

During his speech, Governor Quinn quoted a letter that was written by an admiral about his father. In the letter the admiral stated that his father was "happy, cheerful, cooperative, frank and honest". Wouldn't it be great if we were all like that?

Now I need to "happily and cheerfully" go do all the chores and housework that I blew off yesterday to watch the impeachment!

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  1. Kudos to you for watching the whole thing. I couldn't have done it. I can only watch people massacre the English language for so long.