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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Preview!

Totally random- read this in the news and thought it was too funny... it's 3/3/09- Happy Square Root Day everyone! :) :) :)

OK- back to regularly scheduled programming...

March 13-14-15 I am retreating! Vicki hosts a retreat at a local Christian camp twice a year. I LOVE this retreat! We have so much fun, stay up till all hours, have fabulous food, and sip a little wine now and again... I am already lining up my projects:

Isn't this bag fabulous? I plan to make 2 of them. I think I may be committing a serious Amy Butler faux pas, though... I am not using Amy Butler fabric! But I really love my fabric:

They are all Michele D'Amore fabrics, except the brown with blue dots- that's a Michael Miller. But they go together so well! One will be my purse, and one will be my knitting bag. I found some great knitting needle rolls on Etsy- aren't they awesome? And they coordinate with my bag fabrics very nicely!

Another thing I will be making is a quilt for my cousin. I promised her a quilt when she graduated high school... 2 (or is it 3?) years ago! I just never found the right fabrics for her until now!! These are the "Posh" by Chez Moi for Moda. It's all cut out and sorted into blocks- I am using the "Meadow Lane" pattern from Heather Mulder Peterson. I have made this pattern before (here and here). I plan to get the top done at the retreat. I know I can do it- I made the "Amy's Piquash" top at the retreat in November- and that was queen-size. This one will be twin-size!

And finally (and randomly) I bought a bunch of ribbon at Michael's yesterday. I am in all these swaps, and you are supposed to send little gifts along with the mini-quilts and fabrics you send! I just didn't have any stuff like ribbons, buttons and stickers hanging around the house. So I've been stocking up when I see stuff on sale. I especially like the cupcake ribbons!

This is my 90th post since starting this blog... be on the lookout- I am planning a fabric giveaway for my 100th post!!


  1. And happy square root day to you! Retreat will be loads of fun and I like the projects you have planned. Fantastic fabric for the bags and terrific knitting rolls. Etsy is a veritable treasure chest. I also like the fabric for the quilt. Hope you finsih everything - it's easy to be distracted. Such delightful ribbons!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. I stay very focused at retreats (right, Vicki?) and have earned nicknames such as "quilting machine"! I just love the time with no distractions from housework, yardwork and Hubbies!

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog for the first time. Enjoy your retreat your bags are going to look fabulous.

  4. Love the ribbons! Yes, you are a machine. We all feel unworthy and grumble about what an over achiever you are. We are all quite jealous that we can't get that much done even though we are up until 3am and you usually go to bed at a reasonable hour.