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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Under The Wire For A Feb Finish!

I finished binding one of the quilts last night at 10pm!I got great pictures of it- I must say, the balcony they have at Tammy Tadd Designs makes an awesome place to get a quilt picture from! It's just one more way they are one of the best quilt shops on earth!!

So, here is The Fine China! It was quilted by the very talented Paige. She is an artist!

This is for my friend Brenda in New York. She is the most hospitable and generous person I have ever met- she really has the "Mi casa es su casa" attitude! The name of the quilt comes from the many cookouts and Super Bowl parties she has hosted over the years. She plans a cookout every time I come home to visit, too. She always refers to the paper plates and plastic silverware as "the fine china". Since I was making her a Dresden Plate, it seemed like a good name for the quilt, too!

I am trying to get a home made greeting card swap going over on Flickr! We will pick a theme each month, and then once you are paired up with a partner, you would make that person 6 cards related to the theme (all the same or different ones, it's up to you) and send them off! Easy, huh? There will also be a "Whatever You Wish" category for those who don't want to do the theme that month. If you'd like to come play with me, click over to http://www.flickr.com/groups/hmgcs/! My only "requirements" are that you be a good swapper and don't slack off, and that you use high-quality supplies. International swappers are welcome!


  1. It's finally done! I remember this one - you've been working it for a while. Gives a person hope for their own UFO's

  2. If Brenda changes her mind I'm right here. What a fabulous quilt and I adore the fabrics/colour way. It looks terrific. Well done! I'd better get my PIFs done before I join anything else. Folks are waiting!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)