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Monday, March 30, 2009

That Wacky Chicago Weather!

So yesterday morning we got about 4 inches of snow! And of course it was pretty much the only day of the whole month that we had a place we HAD to be at! We made is safely to our destination (and saw a snowplow and TWO police cars in the ditch along the tollway, along with about 6 other cars). How, I do not know... I guess fortune really does favor the foolish!
This is at our house at around 6:00am... It's snowing like crazy!
But by noon the snow had stopped, and it was really, really gray and gloomy! This is the Sears Tower (and it will always BE the Sears Tower, I don't care what some British company says!) from a Red Line "L" train. This really is a color picture... :) This is from the south side of the city.
And by 6pm, we had this: The Sears Tower, photgraphed from a Blue Line "L" train. Brilliant sunshine, blue sky, hardly a cloud to be seen! This is from the west side of the city.
As the saying goes: Don't like the weather in Chicago? Wait a little while- it will change!


  1. Four Seasons in one day! What an incredible change.

  2. What?!? Are you kidding me? First they get rid of Marshall Fields, now the Sear Tower? Next will be Wrigley Field. All of our Chicago landmarks are going to be sold out for money.

  3. Cool pictures, J!! I thought the comment about "Wait ten minutes" applied to Oregon (NorCal doesn't have the wild weather changes we do up here - I find them wonderful!) since yesterday The sun came up bright and pretty, then it got cold and Hailed... then the day warmed up again and I had lunch outside, then more hail and finally snow for supper!

    Didn't know Sears Tower "wasn't"... Sears' I mean. Who bought it, and what is it called now? (Not to you folks, though!)