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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Warm Weather

Wow!! Yesterday was 67 degrees... today it's supposed to be in the 70's... FINALLY!!! There's supposed to be 30mph winds today, though. And then it gets cold again. But it's warm now, and I'll take it!

I spent the whole day yesterday washing bedding, quilts and towels and drying them on the clothesline. I also picked up all the branches that were down from the ferocious winds we had this winter and put them on the pile of stuff that came down last summer in all those terrible storms we had. When Hubby got home we had a "high temperature volume reduction" as he calls it, or a fire, as I call it, and got rid of all the brush! It was so nice to get rid of that pile.

I was excited to be invited to join a group called Buzz Cuts! It's 16 people, and every month 1 person sends out fabric, and the other 15 make blocks from it, and send them back. It's a 16 month project. How fun is that? They had a member who had to drop out, so I was invited to take her spot. I don't send my fabric out until April 2010, but I should get my first packet of someone else's fabric soon!

Today I am getting some serious house cleaning done. Isn't it funny, that when it's so nice outside I want to be inside, cleaning? I think the spring cleaning bug has bit.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, and I plan to use the day to finish up some swap minis. I have 2 to finish and get out before the end of March. I also want to get going on my Pay It Forward projects. I hope to get those out by the end of May!

In April I am in 3 mini quilt swaps, a pincushion swap, a fabric and chocolate swap, and I'll have the Buzz Cuts blocks to make. Swapping is so much fun!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

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  1. Buzzcuts will be so fun! I'm in two bees like that and love it :) I keep having to remind myself to open the windows - it's on the warm side here too - finally!