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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Oh, it was wonderful to spend the whole morning outside, getting terribly dirty and digging new garden beds!! I have been waiting ALL winter for today!

And here's what I planted- it's the blueberries!! They don't look that great at the moment because they were shipped to me. But they will come back! They are in pots so I can amend the soil easily... Illinois soil is very "sweet", and blueberries need acidic soil. So I found organic blueberry food, and will need to add it periodically!

Here is the back garden! The beds in the foreground are brand new as of this morning. It was really easy to dig the sod out with the ground being wet from the last couple days of rain. Now I just need some composted manure and I can plant! Once the planting is done I'll work on the walkways... they look terrible right now!

And then I had some fun with my camera and one of my daffodils! I love this picture!

I am SO tired now, and a bit sore, but I cannot even say how happy I am! I feel like I am alive again after such a long and cold winter! Now I'm going to pay a visit to the nursery- and stimulate my local economy a bit :)


  1. A day well spent. Good soil is a great start and soon those beds will be chock full of delicious vegies and herbs. It will be fun to watch your progress throughtout the summer...Ann :)

  2. YAAYY, Jennie! You got BLUEBERRIES!!!! I was going to Cottage Grove today to get them as well, ut I got stalled mowing the orchard area where I'll put them. So I just planted some wildflower-type seeds in honor of Earth Day. I need to rip a spot for my veggies, then pick the rocks and add manure... maybe by next week I'll be ready to put the seeds and plants in! My SIL says the family plants the garden on Mother's Day up here, so I'm going to be ready for that!