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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stash Stuff

So- I've been going through the bins and boxes and drawers (and closets, and cabinets!) and hauling out all my old fabric! I have a date with the Accuquilt on Thursday, and I think it may turn into an all-day outing...

This has been really fun! A lot of it has been "oh, cool! I forgot I had that!"... and some of it has been "Um, WHO put THAT in my stash?!?!". Seriously, this fabric is so ugly- I truly don't remember buying it, and I cannot think that I would have! But I must have...

I'm sure someone out there thinks this is gorgeous... it's about 2 1/2 yards, so apparently I bought a LOT of the super-ugly fabric!

I am planning to use a lot of the fabric that I cut to make quilts for the domestic violence shelter here in McHenry County. The baby and child quilts are covered by other sources, so I'm going to concentrate on making some quilts to comfort the women and men (7% of their clients are men, according to the person I spoke to) who go to the shelter for help.

Lastly, just to make all you people in warm places jealous, 'cause you KNOW you wish it was snowing where you are, I leave you with a picture {and lots of sarcasm!} :)

Outside my house, about 10 minutes ago!


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