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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bushfire Quilts And Other Stuff

Tia has been keeping us all updated about the blocks and quilts she has been recieving for the Bushfire Quilt Project... so far she's recieved 423 quilt blocks, 7 completed quilts, and 8 quilt tops!! And people have been sending her backings, thread, pins, and pre-made binding, too. It's been amazing to watch this project grow. The generosity is almost overwhelming- there are so many good people in the world!

Not much going on today. I am playing with my card stuff again, trying to fill out my card box with cards for all occasions. I am going to a UFO Night at Tammy Tadd Designs tonight- those are always so much fun! I have two quilts to hand-sew the binding on, so that's what I'm bringing to work on... I want to get them done and onto my completed project list for February! Talk about sneaking in under the wire... :)

I am looking forward to Monday- I'll get my partner information for 4 swaps then! I think I am turning into a swap-a-holic. It's just too much fun to make something for someone, and even more fun than that (if that's possible!) to get something in return!

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  1. Thread and binding. Now why didn't I think of that. Swaps can be very addictive and I'd love to host one but I must concentrate on my Pay it Forward gifts.

    Cheers...Ann :)