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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

We had such a lovely Christmas! Christmas Eve at my mother-in-law's was very nice. She gave Hubby a much needed quilted outdoor vest, and some new gloves. She also gave him a gift card to Farm and Fleet! I received a bundle of fat quarters and a gift certificate to a local quilt shop. It's not one I go to often, so it will be nice to go there and see what they have! She really liked her monogrammed towels. YAY!

And we had a lovely time at Mom and Dad's yesterday! Getting there was a little dicey, though... in Illinois, the roads were beautiful! But I have to say our neighbors to the north could take some lessons in winter road maintainence... the roads in Wisconsin were terrible! Maybe all the salt truck drivers are depressed about the Packers losing to the Bears? But, seriously, would it hurt to throw a few chunks of salt down every few hundred yards or so?

I received a lovely lasagna pan, and some cash, from Mom and Dad, and some Godiva chocolate from my sister! And my mom and sister put together a delicious meal of ham, saurkraut and dumplings, green beans and cranberry sauce! And my sister made a pecan pie that was to die for, with homemade maple whipped cream to put on it!

I was also able to give mom and dad their gift of monogrammed towels:

We also gave them a gift card to Target.

And I delivered Amy's quilt to her! It's DONE!! Pieced, quilted, bound, labeled, and delivered!

Amy's Christmas gift had been bought and given to her in August- she and I were in Chicago and she saw a Cubs hoodie sweatshirt she really wanted, so I bought it for her as her Christmas gift. We also gave her a goofy little 3D anatomy puzzle that I found at a cute little shop in Crystal Lake. I thought she'd get a laugh out of it, since she's in graduate school to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Not much else. Hubby's at work today, and I am going to work on pressing fabric. I am hoping those mini-bolts come today- they were shipped on Monday, so it's possible! I really would like to spend my time today and tomorrow finishing up the sewing room. I am anxious to get sewing- and to have the living room back. It's been piled with fabric for a few days now!


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