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Saturday, December 6, 2008

What's Better Than Fabric? Fabric On Sale!!

YAY!! Quilt In Joy in Huntley, IL, is celebrating their one-year anniversary this weekend... with a great sale! It's really a lovely shop. And it's the closest quilt shop to my house! They have so much variety, and they are so nice and helpful and enthusiastic. They have a great selection of notions, too, which most of the quilt shops around here really don't have. They have the best selection of batik fabrics in this whole area. And that's what I bought! I did buy some other stuff, like that bendable light that attaches to your sewing machine and some other notions, and a little bit of other fabric... but batiks were my main objective- before this weekend I really didn't have any batiks at all. So it was stash-building time!

I am really happy with my new batik stash! I have a couple quilts in mind that need batiks, and I am quite confident that I now have the selection on hand to make them happen.

First I picked out earth tones.
I really love darker colors and earth toned fabrics. They just seem so cozy and natural to me!
I did pick out a selection of bright ones, too. Although as you can see, not as many!
I finished the top for the wedding gift quilt last night! It was giving me trouble for some reason, and I was getting pretty frustrated with it. But it's done now. I'll take it to the long-arm quilter on Monday. Pictures will be posted after the wedding... I don't think the bride or groom read this blog, but I am not certain. So just in case, I'll leave the pictures off until after the wedding!
I'm off to install that light on my machine, and then sew some more!

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