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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Got An Award!!

Yay! It's so fun when other people, people you don't even know, think your work is worthy of an award! It started when an admin of a Flickr group invited me to add my photos to her group "fabric, patchwork and quilting". Then another member of that group gave me an award for my "So Ends A Fair Day" mini-quilt!

I am so happy to have discovered the world of online quilting friends! Everyone is so kind, and generous, and I am really having fun with swaps, and seeing what others are doing. It's so inspiring to see the quilts and the creativity of people from all over the world!

I'm off to do some outdoor work now- it's almost 60F! Tomorrow is supposed to be icky and rainy, and that will be a perfect day to stay inside and make star blocks for the Bushfire Quilt Project. I was at one of my local quilt shops today and got some fabric for $4/yard to send to Tia for backings for these quilts, too. I plan to get everything together and mailed by Friday!

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  1. An award well-deserved Jennie. Your work is delightful. It won't be long now before I send you your Pay it Forward gift. Soon....

    Cheers...Ann :)