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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Release From Prison!

Oh, we had the nicest weather here in the Chicago area yesterday!! I spent the entire day outside! It got up to 55, and it was sunny, and the breeze was... well, it wasn't warm, but it wasn't too cold! It's supposed to be in the 60's on Tuesday. With rain- and thunderstorms. I am afraid of thunderstorms. So I hope the storms go somewhere else!

I planted an indoor garden of lettuce, spinach, radishes and a bush tomato that gives off 1" fruits! We'll see if it works- I have been toying with the idea all winter, and yesterday I did it! If it works, I'll start early in the winter next year, and grow our salads instead of buying them!

We also took my car to the car wash. How amazed we were to find that my little Jetta is green! It has been a kind of grayish-white color because of all the salt.

I hope all my Australian friends are doing OK. It has been heartbreaking to watch the footage and read the stories about the fires there. And it's angering to think that someone deliberately set them, like the officials are saying. Whole towns are burned to the ground, and 100+ people are dead, the news said today. It's so sad. I am praying for everyone Down Under!

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  1. Thanks for your concern Jennie. I have travelled through many of the towns that have been destroyed and can not comprehend the extent of the damage or loss of life. There are still fires burning and some towns continue to be under threat. The firefighters in these areas are all volunteers and many are locals who have lost homes nad loved ones.

    Good luck with your vegies!

    Cheers...Ann :)