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Friday, February 6, 2009

Natural Habitat

My cat is so much fun! She has the best personality of any pet I have ever had- she's so personable- and demanding! Here are some pictures of Lucky in her "natural" habitat:
This is her usual morning. Sleeping on the bed, under her own quilt. Looking really ticked if I interrupt her in any way. Like I did this morning, both to put laundry away, and then to take this picture!
She LOVES drinking from a cup- especially milk! You should see her begging for milk- it's hysterically funny- and very hard to resist. But we do (most of the time) because milk isn't very good for an adult cat. We usually only give her water this way. As you can see, she is large enough without a lot of "people" food thrown in! She has a metabolic disorder, according to the vet.
She actually was larger than this when we first got her- we were able to get her to lose about 6 pounds with a special diet and exercise (playing with string, carrying her out to the end of our driveway and having her walk back, etc). But then she kind of levelled off, and we couldn't get any more weight off of her. Our options were (1) to do nothing except keep feeding her the special food and playing with her, to keep her somewhat in shape, and love her as long as she lives, or (2) try to give her expensive shots that might do something, but probably wouldn't do anything except make her hate us. We went with the first option! She turns 10 on February 14, so she's doing pretty good!
To quote a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon: "all that fur must be strictly ornamental"! She is always in the sun, or under the quilts, or next to the furnace outlet in the floor! Even in the summer she will lay in the sun- until it gets too hot, then she goes and lays on the cool tile, or next to the air conditioner outlet!
She likes being places she's not supposed to be, too, like this! How decadent, all curled up in and on the down comforter! This picture is from last spring, actually, when I was washing all the bedding and changing back from the flannel sheets- and closeting the down comforter for the summer!
We really, really love our Lucky kitty, and are thankful that she adopted us!
And finally, a quote from my dad: "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff." This is very, very true in Lucky's case.

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  1. That's one spoiled puddy tat! We can buy special lactose free cat milk here. She isobviously such a character and brings you much joy. Have you seen the fabric range Letter from the Cat - it's hilarious!

    Have a terrific weekend!
    Ann :)